Reinforcing Our Commitment to Foster Inclusive Learning Environments

HANDS.jpgIn light of recent events that have stirred the hearts of our national community, we believe that the need to join forces to draw attention to the devastating effects of racism in America has never been greater. We must commit our resolve to working for solutions, especially when it comes to creating inclusive learning environments for our nation’s youth. We invite you to view these selected NAGC resources on meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of all children.

An NAGC Position Statement

This report from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation looks at state policy and student achievement to evaluate states on their support of high-achieving, low-income students.

A look at how some schools and programs successfully address the problem that gifted and talented students from minority and/or low-income backgrounds do not receive the education they need to develop to their full potential.

Recommendations from an NAGC summit for practice, policy, and research for low income, high-ability children.

NAGC brought together experts to distill decades of research on bringing out the best in high-ability students from disadvantaged backgrounds and map priorities for action.

Students who have exceptional ability, but also have a disability are often difficult to identify and serve.  This guide will look at identification and service options to ensure these students can have their disability addressed while also achieving at the highest levels.