Parent TIP Sheets

The Timely Information for Parents (TIP) Sheets are for parents and caregivers of gifted children to download, read, and share as their children's needs change.


Way to ensure the level and pace of your child's academic needs are met

Advocating for Gifted Services

Steps to take when your school doesn't have effective gifted programs and services


Build critical and creative thinking and expression through the arts

Assessments for Identification

Why, when, and how do you have your child tested for gifted identification?

Asynchronous Development

Gifted children can develop at an uneven rate, confusing parents, friends, and teachers.

Classroom Advocacy

Working collaboratively with the teacher will be important to your child's success in school.

Early Childhood

Your young child is showing signs of advanced abilities, what do you do next?


Experiences in after-school activities may be the most important of the day.

Finding a Mental Health Professional

How do you find a counselor, psychologist, or therapist for your gifted child?

Gifted 101

What does gifted and talented mean for your child?

Making Friends

Friendships might be more related to mental age than chronological age.

Nurturing Creativity

Supporting your child's creativity often depends on those at home.


Help your child avoid unhealthy perfectionism which can can cause excessive stress and anxiety


Students need to know how to speak up for themselves to find the right opportunities to fit their needs.