Cover of THP November 21
Feature Articles
  • Challenges of Returning to the Post-Pandemic Classroom, Tiphany Kane
  • Making Things 'Write:' Supporting Mathematically Promising Students, Tutita M. Casa, Samantha R. Schaef, Erica Abrogio
  • "Doc, I Want to Study the Pentagon Scandal:" What I Learned from a Gifted Student, Willard White
  • From the Editor: Communication and Collaboration, Jeff Danielian, Editor
  • Curriculum Cafe: Differentiating Curriculum for Gifted Learners, Elissa F. Brown
  • Special Populations: Anxiety and the Social Emotional Needs of Minoritized Gifted Students, Erinn Fears Floyd, Javetta Jones Roberson
  • Taking the Creative Leap: Using the TABs Scale to Encourage Creativity, Margaret E. Hines, Sarah Sumners
  • Social and Emotional Learning: Videotherapy in the Age of Online Learning, Quinn Austermann
  • Buried Under Books: A Reader on Reading: Altered Books as Objects of Art, Creativity, and Comprehension, Susannah Richards
  • Soaring High, Diving Deep, Bobby Belden, Brad Barndvoid
  • Socially Scientific: Communicating about Science Beyond the Classroom, Michelle Buchanan