NAGC Micro-Credentials

(*Please note this program is currently suspended and under evaluation*)

A competency-based professional learning opportunity for educators on identifying gifted students from diverse backgrounds and to increase equity of access to quality programming. The program was featured in Education Week (4-10-18), In Tennessee, a 'Micro-credential' to Help Teachers Identify Students' Giftedness.

About the NAGC Micro-Credentials

The Giftedness Knows No Boundaries campaign promotes equity and excellence in our Nation's homes, schools, and communities and provides key information about the nature and needs of gifted children. These children need informed counselors, teachers, and parents who understand the challenges they face and provide resources to ensure they can achieve their personal best. NAGC offers micro-credentials aligned with Digital Promise design principles in the following areas:

Children living in poverty and from ethnic and language minority groups are 250% less likely to be identified for or receive gifted services in school, even when they achieve at the same level as their more well-off, non-minority peers. Develop the knowledge and skills to demonstrate the ability to recognize indicators of potential giftedness in students in traditionally underrepresented populations. 


Many gifted children develop asynchronously. As a result, they often have social and emotional development needs requiring understanding and specialized supports. Develop the knowledge and skills to demonstrate the ability to recognize needs and support the social and emotional development of gifted children. 

Gifted children have unique learning needs that set them apart from their peers. Develop the knowledge and skills to demonstrate the ability to implement evidence based instructional practices for gifted children. (Coming soon.)

Gifted children know nearly 50% of early elementary school material on the very first day of class. Develop the knowledge and skills to demonstrate the ability to determine and implement the appropriate level of challenge to support individual gifted children. (Coming soon.)
Why pursue the Giftedness Knows No Boundaries Micro-Credentials?

The Giftedness Knows No Boundaries micro-credentials program provides an opportunity for states, districts, and schools to support educators as they implement high-leverage strategies and practices that support the unique learning needs of gifted and talented children from diverse backgrounds.

Participants will:

  • Collaborate with peers on what demonstrated mastery of specific skills looks like in the classroom
  • Develop skills to create supportive environments where gifted children can thrive
  • Learn practices and build a portfolio demonstrating mastery of a specific skill
  • Earn a digital badge to share on a resumé, blog, or website upon successful completion of the program