Parenting for High Potential

Parenting for High Potential is the quarterly magazine designed for parents and others working to support and guide their gifted children at home and at school.




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March 2020

  • Editor's Note, Kathy Nilles
  • A Tribute to Dr. Donald J. Treffinger: A Hero to Many, Laurie Abeel
  • Planning for Advocacy: Levers for Change, Michele Joerg and Elissa F. Brown
  • Why Gifted Programs Should Focus on Social-Emotional Needs, Toni Szymanski
  • The Basics of Advocacy for Parents: Getting Started, Julia Link Roberts and Tracy Ford Inman
  • Help! I Think My Baby is Gifted…Now What Should I Do?, Megan Parker Peters
  • Student Voices: Schools Need to Offer More Opportunities, Ben Peters
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December 2019





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September 2019

  • A Note from the Editor, Kathleen Nilles
  • Parent to Parent: Blueprints for Starting the School Year Right, NAGC’s Parent Editorial Content and Advisory Board
  • Nurturing Giftedness at Home with Young Learners, Jennifer Wellberg
  • Being Mindful of Emotions: CHECKing in on Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence, Emily Mofield and Megan Parker Peters
  • Assessment, Acceleration, and Optimal Learning: The Talent Search Model, Susan Corwith
  • You Can Do It, Too! Be an Effective Advocate in Your Child’s School, Jen Zatchey
  • Essential Resources for Parents from NAGC, Editor


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June 2019

  • A Note from the Editor, Kathleen Nilles
  • Parenting High-Ability African American Children: Navigating the Two-Edged Sword of Giftedness, Jessa D. Luckey Goudelock
  • Let’s Unleash Talent Development for Leadership in Gifted Learners, Jean Chandler
  • Developing Global Awareness in Gifted Children Through Martial Arts, Krista M. Stith
  • Bibliotherapy by the Campfire: Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of Students through Picture Books, Tracy Alley
  • My Child is Reading Another Book: 10 Ways to Spark a Love of Learning through Social Engagement and Creativity, Kristi A. Mascher
  • Create a Secure World for Your Child, Deborah Reber
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March 2019

  • A Note from the Editor, Kathleen Nilles
  • Reigniting Your Child’s Passion for Learning: A Team Approach to Educating Your Child, Lori Alexander
  • Language and Literacy Experiences to Engage and Challenge All Children with Talent Potential, Christine Carr
  • Help Your Children SOAR to Academic Success, Kenneth A. Kiewra
  • Altered Carbon: How Parents Can Encourage and Support Gifted Children’s Interest in STEM with Readily Available Tools and Apps, Stephen T. Schroth, Janese Daniels, and Kimberly McCormick
  • Supportive Conversations for Transitioning Your Child to a Magnet or Self-Contained Gifted School, Corinne Green
  • Make a Ruckus When You Need To, Deborah Reber


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December 2018

  • Changing Minds: Giftedness Around the Globe, M. René Islas
  • Self-Select Bridges the Gap for Australian Adolescents, Christine Ireland
  • The Power of Parent Advocacy in New Zealand, Rosemary Cathcart
  • Parents Make a Difference: Creating a Parental Intervention Program in Brazil, Renata Muniz Prado, Denise de Souza Fleith, & Daniela Vilarinho-Rezende
  • Gifted Dropouts: How This Dutch Program Helps Struggling Students Get Back on Track, Tijl Koenderink & Femke Hovinga
  • In Perspective: Viewpoints from Greece, Peru, Czech Republic, and Ireland, Danae Deligeorge, Sheyla Blumen, Stanislav Zelenda, & Colm O’Reilly
  • The International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards, Joan Franklin Smutny
  • How Kenyan Parents Maximize Their Children’s Full Potential, Margaretta Swigert-Gacheru
  • Parenting Gifted Children: Voices from India, Jyoti Sharma, Shobha Bagai, Pankaj Tyagi, & Bibhu Biswal
  • The Importance of Finding Your People, Deborah Reber

September 2018

  • Roles in Gifted Education: A Parent’s Guide, Ashley Y. Carpenter and Stacy M. Hayden
  • Getting an A+ in Parent Participation: Helping Your Child Succeed in the Classroom, Dr. Pamela Roggeman
  • Perfectionism: Helping Gifted Children Learn Healthy Strategies and Create Realistic Expectations, Dr. Hope E. Wilson and Dr. Jill L. Adelson
  • A Book Study Framework to Help Parents Understand Giftedness & Gifted Programming, Amanda Franklin and Dr. Kristina Henry Collins
  • How to Start an Academic Competition in Your Child’s School, Pamela M. Peters
  • Stop Fighting Who Your Child Is and Lean In, Deborah Reber
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June 2018

  • Why Is There a Gay Pride Flag on My 9-Year-Old’s Backpack?, Dr. Paul James “P. J.” Sedillo
  • Getting Gifted Kids Outdoors: Tips for a Summer of Play, Dr. Leigh Ann Fish and Dr. Patti Ensel Bailie
  • Doing Poorly on Purpose: Making School Matter for Gifted Kids, Dr. James R. Delisle
  • Just for Kids: Making Education Work for You: There’s No Need to Wear What Doesn’t Fit, Dr. Jim Delisle
  • Bully Proofing Your Twice-Exceptional Child, Amra Mohammed
  • Identity, Purpose, and Happiness: Helping High-Achieving Adolescents Find All Three, Kathryn Grubbs
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March 2018


December 2017

  • The Power We Hold in Our Hands, Dr. Sally Krisel
  • The Need for Second Language Learning, Dr. Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Dr. Bronwyn McFarlane, and Ariel Baska
  • Helping Your Child Manage Stress Through Mindfulness, Dr. Michele Kane
  • Stressed Out? Mindfulness Works: Student Guide, Dr. Michele Kane
  • Ask an Expert: How to Advocate When You Move, Lisa Conrad
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Motivating Your High-Ability Child, Dr. Del Siegle and Dr. D. Betsy McCoach
  • Nurturing Gifted Girls’ Self-Concept and Academics at Home, Lauren Broome
  • Sparking Leadership in Gifted Girls, Kate Bachtel