Meet the 2018 Network Chair-Elect Candidates

Meet the Network Chair-Elect Candidates

Thank you to everyone who put their name forward as a candidate for Chair-Elect. Networks cannot function without leaders. A Network Chairs-Elect serves two years in that role and then becomes the Chair.

NAGC Members eligible to vote will participate in elections for Networks in which they have membership.

Arts Network, Chair-Elect

Cappie Dobyns
Teacher, Arts, Gifted and Talented, Ames (IA) Community School District (CV)

Statement of Candidacy

As the Arts Network Chair, my leadership priorities would be to inform, build community, and increase our visibility. NAGC’s most valuable assets are its membership and resources. Merging both through traditional and innovative means will support growth. Through communication, we can gain knowledge about research, educational trends, and best practice. Through community, we can build relationships among the students, parents, teachers, and administrators/researchers within the Arts Network and across networks. Through new collaborations, we can gain insight into issues and diverse perspectives that afford purposeful, reciprocal partnerships, and opportunities for increasing awareness of art’s true potential within education.

Gayle Roege, Ed.D
Partner/Co-Owner, Creative Erg, LLC (CV)

Statement of Candidacy

Art has always been a significant part of my life. Over the years, I found that sharing that passion with youth, witnessing their own passion, and helping them sustain and grow their art ability, brought amazing rewards. I was inspired to pursue research related to developing artistic talent.

I envision achieving visible successes signifying the value of the arts to both a relevant 21st Century education, and to building resilient societies, through youth participation in public arts projects; a goal linked to the Arts Network research mission in the area of artistic giftedness.

Curriculum Studies Chair-Elect

Shauna Mayo, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, Virginia State University (CV)

Statement of Candidacy

I am Dr. Shauna Mayo and I respectfully submit my name as a candidate for Chair-Elect for the Curriculum Studies Network of NAGC. With 14 years of experience teaching and working with gifted students and various NAGC committees, I want to help further NAGC’s mission.

My vision for the Curriculum Studies Network is to provide stakeholders at all levels with current research and resources that will continue to facilitate student development. Additionally, I would like for the Curriculum Network to partner with other networks to foster an understanding of the academic, social, and emotional needs of gifted students.

Tracy Missett, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, University of Montana (CV)

Statement of Candidacy

At the heart of gifted programming lies the implementation of curriculum supporting the academic and affective growth of gifted students. Knowing this, I have engaged in research investigating the impact of curriculum on the learning or gifted learners on learning. I have also translated this research into practice by writing curriculum units for gifted students, two of which have received NAGC curriculum awards.

If elected to serve as Chair-Elect of the Curriculum Studies Network, I would commit to promoting research and development in curriculum for gifted students, disseminating research-based curriculum to educators, and collaborating with other NAGC Networks and members to those ends.


Early Childhood Chair-Elect

Rebecca O'Brien
Ph.D. Student, Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut-Storrs (CV)

Statement of Candidacy

I have been a member of NAGC and the Early Childhood Network for over 7 years and would be honored to be the network’s Chair-Elect.  I was a classroom teacher for 6 1/2 years years before becoming a Ph.D. candidate in giftedness, creativity, and talent development. My work focusing on identifying and developing potential in primary grade students has increased my awareness of and commitment to the unique needs of early childhood.

My goal is to collaborate with network members and other leaders to pursue the Early Childhood Network's mission of responding to the needs of early childhood learners and those who support them.


Research & Evaluation Chair-Elect

Lisa Hall Foster, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Research Consultant, Liberty University, VA (CV)

Statement of Candidacy

Lisa Hall Foster received her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Virginia (working in the NRC/GT) and completed a 3-year postdoctoral research fellowship at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She served as the Awards Chair for the Research & Evaluation Network of NAGC and on the NAGC Awards Committee. Her research interests involve fidelity of implementation and intervention, particularly in the areas of gifted education and educational leadership. She has authored/co-authored multiple articles and co-developed a national award-winning gifted math curriculum.

She desires to find ways to support graduate students in research and connecting research to practice.

Cindy Gilson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Academically or Intellectually Gifted Program, University of North Carolina, Charlotte (CV)

Statement of Candidacy

It would be such an honor to serve the NAGC Research & Evaluation Network as the next Chair-Elect. For the past 7 years, I have collaborated and served with the talented members of the R&E Network in a variety of capacities, including the following: (1) Program and Assistant Program Chair, (2) Awards Committee Co-Chair, (3) Graduate Student Network Committee Chair, (4) NAGC Annual Conference proposal, Research Gala, and Dissertation Award Competition reviewer, and (5) Did You Know? Newsletter writer.

If elected, I would tap into the R&E members’ collective expertise to enhance and expand our offerings and increase our membership.