University Special Interest Group


The University SIG will address each aspect of the NAGC's mission “to support those who enhance the growth and development of gifted and talented children through education, advocacy, community building, and research.”  The activities of the University SIG will be to support … members of the research and higher education community.” Through research, teaching, and service—especially through service to the NAGC—members of the University SIG support the NAGC goals to influence minds, policies, and practices that affect the education of learners with gifts and talents. In addition, we support the broader goals of gifted education, including understanding the nature, development, characteristics, and educational needs of gifted and talented, emphasizing both individual and institutional outcomes of our educational efforts. The SIG will enhance opportunities for collaboration among members of the higher education community to broaden the impact of that community’s efforts in areas of concern to higher education personnel such as theory to practice; promoting social justice, diversity, and equity in the field; fostering professional preparation standards that emphasize best practices; and teacher preparation curriculum relevant to gifted education, including professional learning programs developed by NAGC.


Dr. Scott Hunsaker