Rural Gifted Special Interest Group


Rural locations impact gifted learners, teachers, and program offerings. Existing in every state, rural populations vary in many ways, including economic status, racial makeups, cultural groups, traditions, and spirituality, yet some commonalities can be found with reference to ideas about sense of place, family and/or community.

The NAGC Rural Gifted Special Interest Group (SIG) will serve to promote professional discussion and collaboration regarding gifted students in rural settings. The SIG is created to encourage a focus on this underserved group of students, and the intersectionality of race, language, culture and poverty that may potentially place additional barriers to the identification and services to this group of gifted students. Through collaborative experiences that engage rural gifted learners, parents, educators, and researchers, members of the Rural Gifted SIG will promote accountability in educational programming and foster equity and access to gifted programs to rural gifted students.


Angela Novak