Networks - Global Awareness


The mission of the Global Awareness Network is to respond to the concerns of the gifted and talented about the future and the world they live in by giving them opportunities to grow in understanding of different cultures and global interdependence and by providing them with the tools and experience to participate in the shaping of their destinies. Therefore we are concerned with the following global issues:

  • Cooperative sharing of resources
  • Nonviolent conflict resolution
  • Technological abilities to create and destroy, and
  • Living in a harmonious state with the environment

Our Goals

  • To serve as a source of information and inspiration regarding global issues that impact gifted education and all the children in the world.
  • To serve the psychological needs of gifted and talented children by creating avenues that generate hope and enable active involvement in constructive change.
  • To enable educators to infuse the learning environment for the gifted and talented with global issues.
  • To explore, develop, and disseminate curricular materials and methodologies for integrating ethical considerations into curricula for the gifted and talented.
  • To collect, develop and disseminate global-issues-related materials and curricula for use in classes for the gifted and talented.
  • To serve as a network among organizations for the gifted and talented and to link with global-awareness communities of other organizations.
  • To provide opportunities for educators of the gifted and talented to act upon their commitment to global cooperation in their professional lives.

Our focus is on helping students understand, learn about, and develop:

  • A global perspective
  • Cultural diversity
  • An attitude of interdependence among all people
  • Conserving natural resources
  • Positive social action around the world

Ways to Join In

  • Network with Network members 
  • Participate in the Global Awareness group on the NAGC Community (NAGC members only)
  • Attend our Global Gala and enriching sessions at the NAGC Convention
  • Develop or join an interest group with other Global Awareness members
  • Submit articles and information to our Global Connections newsletter
  • Prepare and share Global Awareness curriculum materials and other resources


Kelly Stiles, Chair
Jessica Stargardter, Chair Elect
Heidi Huey, Past Chair


Annemarie Roeper Global Awarness Award

The Global Awareness Network is pleased to welcome nominations for the annual Annemarie Roeper Global Awareness Award.  The award recognizes an individual, organization or institution who honors the legacy and work of Annemarie Roeper by working to respond to the concerns of gifted and talented children about the future and the world they live in. Read about the 2016 and past recipients.

Go to the Online Nomination Form.