Networks - Gifted Coordinator


Please join us as we work to create this community of Gifted Coordinators and provide resources and best practices for the field.

The goals of the Gifted Coordinator Network are to:

  • Support a collaborative interaction between gifted coordinators at all levels and all regions;
  • Promote the sharing of ideas, practices and strategies to further their work with gifted educators, students, and parents;
  • Establish collaborative efforts within other NAC Networks.

Some of our planned activites over the next few years will be to:

  • Build and provide a network of support for gifted coordinators, so they have a systematic way to connect with other coordinators
  • Create a system for routine collaboration throughout the year, which may include meeting space, scheduled interactive discussions (topical), webinars
  • Provide coordinator specific resources on the NAGC website
  • Sponsor a Network evening event at the NAGC Conference
  • Provide around best practices for a variety of types of services
  • Provide a new coordinator session at NAGC
  • Connect research to practice and practice to research
  • Resources developed at the national level with best practices for professional development opportunities for teachers
  • Establish national newsletter and message those within the network
  • Opportunities for members to contribute back to the organization by submitting to the newsletter
  • Collaborate with the state directors, state organizations, and state board to share information with coordinators
  • Develop outreach plan to connect with coordinators who are currently not connected


Jolene Teske, Chair
Michelle Swain, Past Chair