Networks - Creativity


The Creativity Network believes that creativity is a basic and necessary function of healthy and productive individuals, and that the health and productivity of a society is reflective of the degree of creativity among its citizenry. Therefore, it is the commitment of this Network to initiate, develop, and implement practices and materials that will promote the creative potential of all persons. Specifically, the Network undertakes activities that:

  • Promote the recognition and acceptance of, and the commitment to, creativity as a critical area of giftedness;
  • Promote research in the area of creativity, as well as creative approaches to research;
  • Provide practical strategies and activities to foster creativity; and
  • Increase the public's awareness and acceptance of creative thinking as an essential skill.


Anne Roberts, Chair
Kristen Lamb, Chair Elect
Christine Ohtani-Chang, Past Chair

E. Paul Torrance Creativity Award

The Creativity Network awards the E. Paul Torrance Creativity Award to acknowledge significant contributions by individuals and groups whose work facilitates the enhancement and spread of creativity, especially among gifted children, and who are themselves creative thinkers.

Learn more about the award and see past winners.