Native American/Alaska Native and Indigenous Peoples Special Interest Group


The Native American/Alaska Native and Indigenous Peoples SIG has identified three goals that will guide its work:

Current Projects

Increase the number of Native American/Alaska Native and Indigenous NAGC Javitz-Frasier Scholars.

Develop a White Paper
Add information and resources to the NAGC website.
Uncover and disseminate knowledge about the many different first nations people and cultures to promote recognition and development of giftedness, creativity, and talent development
Promote inclusion of these people in the research and programming efforts of the organization and its scholars
  1. To increase awareness,
  2. To advance research initiatives, and
  3. To improve practitioner practices.

We will identify and promote supports and services that are promising and/or innovative.  We will share research initiatives that advance knowledge for identifying and serving gifted, creative, and talented Native American and Indigenous youth and practitioner practices  that promote a positive classroom environment that honors each student’s cultural and linguistic background, their learning preferences, and that affords them opportunities for growth cognitively, academically, emotionally, socially, and in their areas of abilities and talents.

If you would like to participate in any of the current projects, please contact one of the SIG organizers below.


Tamara Alley