David W. Belin Advocacy Award

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) annually presents the David W. Belin Advocacy Award, in honor of the late David W. Belin,  to an individual  or group that has successfully advocated at the state or federal level to incorporate gifted education, in a significant and meaningful way, into state or federal education policy.

Submission Procedure & Checklist
The NAGC national office will make every effort to contact those who have nominated a colleague, or those who have nominated themselves, to let them know of any missing materials, provided the nomination packet arrives at least two weeks before the deadline.

  • Two letters of recommendation from persons in a position to know what impact the nominee's work had on gifted education at the state and national level. These persons could include legislators, school administrators, or leaders of statewide or national organizations.
  • A brief narrative describing the significant contributions the nominee/group has made to the field of gifted education, specifically to gifted education policy at the state and/or federal level. Please include supporting documents.
  • Supporting documents for the nominee, which may include mentions in the press of the person's or the group's efforts; legislation or other outcome of these efforts; or additional letters from individuals or groups who have worked with the nominee.

Selection Criteria

  • Recipient may be an individual or group whose commitment to gifted and talented children is evidenced by his or her work to develop or strengthen gifted education policy at the state or federal level.
  • Recipient may be a public official whose supportive action led directly to the improvement of gifted education programs or services.
  • Recipient will have persuaded elected officials or other decision makers to support changes in policy and/or legislation to significantly improve education programs and/or services for gifted students and teachers of gifted students.
  • Recipient will have influenced the media, the general public, and/or parents and teachers of gifted students in order to achieve the public policy goal.


The recipient(s) of the award and the other applicants will be notified of the Awards Committee's decision in writing no later than August 31. The recipient will receive a plaque presented at the NAGC Annual Convention in November.