Community Service Award

The National Association for Gifted Children annually presents the Community Service Award to an individual or group that has made a contribution that benefits the development of gifts and talents in young people. This contribution must affect the larger community, state, or nation.

Submission Procedure & Checklist

The NAGC national office will make every effort to contact those who have nominated a colleague, or those who have nominated themselves, to let them know of any missing materials, provided the nomination packet arrives at least two weeks before the deadline.

  • One letter of support from the person submitting the nomination that details why the nominee would be an appropriate recipient of the award.
  • Biographical sketch, vita, and/or supporting documents for the nominee.
  • List the significant contributions the nominee has made to the field of gifted education and their impact on the larger community, state, or nation.

Selection Criteria
The nominee will be reviewed based on the following:

  • Has made a significant contribution to education, science, the arts, humanities, parenting and the family, public policy, or another field, in a way that benefits the development of gifts and talents in young people.
  • The nature of the work generally characterizes the goals and values of the NAGC and education in a democracy.
  • Contribution must have made an impact on the larger community, state, or nation.

An individual may receive this award once.

The recipient(s) of the award and the other applicants will be notified of the Awards Committee's decision in writing no later than August 31. The award recipient will receive a plaque presented at the NAGC Annual Convention in November. 

Parent TIP Sheets

NAGC has TIP sheets for parents to help them with questions about raising and educating their gifted children. 

Topics include:

  • Assessments for Identification
  • Classroom Advocacy
  • Making Friends
  • Perfectionism