Administrator Award

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) annually presents an Administrator Award to a Principal or Superintendent, outside the field of gifted education, who has made a significant contribution to gifted education in his/her school, district, or across the nation. This contribution may include developing and maintaining a school- or district-wide education program; offering a high level of support for gifted students; or public policy advocacy for the needs of gifted children.

Submission Procedure & Checklist

The NAGC national office will make every effort to contact those who have nominated a colleague, or those who have nominated themselves, to let them know of any missing materials prior to the deadline.

  • One letter of support from each of the following: a parent, student, and other administrator.
  • A list of the significant contributions the nominee has made to the field of gifted education, specifically to the education of gifted students in his or her school or district. Please include supporting documents.

Selection Criteria
The nominee will be reviewed based on the following:

  • Uses knowledge about gifted and talented students to inform practices designed to meet the needs of these students.
  • Has developed comprehensive programs for gifted students that are institutionalized within the education program.
  • Takes a stand or position that supports gifted education even when it is difficult considering the politics of the district.
  • Has been an advocate for gifted children at the district, state or national level.Has written for publications on the need for appropriate education for gifted children.
  • Encourages his/her staff to meet the needs of gifted children in all settings.
  • Provides ongoing staff development related to the needs of gifted children.
  • Provides the resources for teachers that will help them differentiate for the needs of gifted children in their classrooms.


  • The nominee must currently serve in the position of principal or district superintendent for which he/she is being nominated.
  • An individual may receive this award once.
  • The nominee must not be from the field of gifted education.

The recipient(s) of the award and the other applicants will be notified of the Awards Committee's decision in writing no later than August 31.