Frasier Scholars Speak!

What the first class of Frasier Scholars is saying about their experience as a Title I teacher and Frasier Scholar, and what they've learned from the program so far...

73.5% of the students taught by these Scholars are economically challenged

"I now have strategies to help me identify students who I know are intelligent, but due to poverty, cultural diversity, or language diversity cannot be identified in traditional ways."

Joyce Castronova
J.H. House Elementary, Conyers, GA

"I had a phenomenal encounter at the NAGC Conference. I will never forget the lasting relationships that I created with some of the Mary Frasier Scholars. The expertise and knowledge gained from the mentors was priceless."

Dornswalo Wilkins-McCorey
Kings Fork Middle, Suffolk, VA

"Specifically at my school, I'm concerned that some of Hispanic students may not have been tested in 2nd grade because they were either in ESL or not in the U.S. yet, and now they will never be tested!"

Patti Capozzi, AVID Teacher
Eastway Middle, Charlotte, NC

"It was wonderful to be able to meet so many educators with a common purpose...Throughout the conference, we were able to attend workshops, listen to speakers, and discuss important issues with other professionals.  I attended one amazing workshop in which I learned about various strategies for engaging and empowering gifted students.  From that workshop, I not only came out with valuable learning activities for my gifted students, but also for my entire class!"

Helen Danciu
Walter G. Byers School, Charlotte, NC

"The opportunity to attend the [NAGC] convention was a life-changing event for me...Monumental change can begin with one person—Mary Frasier changed the world for all gifted students."

Jennifer Atkinson
Washington-Wilkes Comprehensive High, Washington, GA

"The conference was incredible...We shared our expertise with each other and thoroughly enjoyed each others' company...It was amazing to be with others that feel as passionately as I do about the gifted underrepresented."

Dalene Teichert
Rose Park Elementary, Salt Lake City, UT

"The conference was dynamic.  Everyone was friendly, supportive, and oh-so-knowledgeable!  I will always cherish this experience!"

Doris English
Wilder Elementary, Sumter, SC

" principal promised me the experience would be "worth it."  She was soooo right!  Upon returning to the classroom I have already employed ideas and strategies that I garnered from some of the sessions I attended.  Some personal ideas and beliefs were affirmed and the motivation offered in some instances was inspiring."

Irene Hanifin
Ashley Park Elementary, Charlotte, NC