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2012 Proposal FAQs

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How do I submit a proposal?

The proposal process for the 2012  Annual Convention is 100% Web-based.  You must submit your proposal online. No paper proposals will be accepted. Click here to access the online submission system now.

What is the proposal deadline?

Proposals may be submitted online until 4:59 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday, January 30, 2012. Please note: If after visiting the proposal submission site, providing the requested information, and hitting "submit," you do not receive a confirmation email, your submission was not successfully transmitted. Please be certain to complete all the steps in the process.

Do I have to be an NAGC member in order to submit a proposal?

You do not need to be an NAGC member in order to submit and give a presentation. However, if your presentation is accepted and you choose to present, you MUST register for and pay to attend the convention by September 17, 2012.

How are the sessions organized at the NAGC Convention?

The convention program is divided into 15 strands, or topics of interest, which are generally related to the content area of NAGC Networks. Within these strands, there are several session formats:

  • Concurrent Sessions:  Educational meetings hosted in conjunction with NAGC’s Convention, which are scheduled to take place at the same time (60 minutes slots). Each session normally focuses on different subjects or themes so attendees can choose the session that most interest them.
  • Putting it Into Practice Sessions:  In 2005, NAGC began holding "Putting it Into Practice" sessions during the lunch hour on Friday and Saturday of the regular convention. These sessions are designed to be concrete ‘make it and take it’ experiences, and are generally no more than 45 minutes as opposed to the 60 minute slots provided for other convention sessions. While shorter, these sessions are not "lesser" sessions; their attendance and popularity can be quite high.
  • Poster Sessions: Poster Sessions are a valuable component of the NAGC Convention experience and take place parallel to Concurrent Sessions. Presenters are provided with a 4 ft. x 4 ft. area of display board on which to affix a visual display of their presentation. While attendees may view displays at any time, presenters are assigned a specific time to present and discuss their poster and answer questions. The presenter is required to be in attendance at the designated presentation time just like a Concurrent Session.
  • Combined Sessions: Temptation is strong to create combined sessions since it allows more people the opportunity to present; some people can only attend the convention if they present. However, dividing a 60 minute session is difficult, especially if materials and machinery must be changed mid-session. The second presenter also often has to cope with an exodus of attendees who only wanted to see the first of the two presentations. For these reasons Combined Sessions are selected with great care, and only when the content overlaps enough for the presenters to coordinate their sessions in a single time frame.

For What length of presentation Should I plan?

Most Convention sessions will be 60 minutes in duration, however times will vary. Presentations should be structured to allow for audience participation, questions, and discussion (as appropriate). Networks may combine two presenters with similar topics in one time slot to accommodate the large number of proposals received. Presenters are notified of this in the proposal acceptance letter and can choose to work together to prepare the session timing and structure.

What do I need to know in order to navigate the online submission system?

  • When you first access the site, you will create a login and password.  Make a note of these so that you can easily return to your proposal(s) once you've started your submission(s).
  • You may exit and enter the proposal submission system as many times as needed to complete your proposal until January 30th. All you will need is your login and password.
  • All presenters for each submitted proposal MUST have a valid email address. (It is important that you provide accurate email addresses and phone numbers for all presenters, including lead AND co-presenters, so that we may communicate the status of proposals to everyone at the end of the process. This also ensures that should the session be accepted, we have correct info for the final printed program.)
  • Incomplete proposals will not be accepted and will be deleted from the system after the submission deadline. If you do not receive a confirmation email soon after your submission, then you should resubmit your proposal.
  • Click here to access the online submission system now.

What are NAGC's general submission guidelines?

  1. NAGC will accept no more than two proposals for consideration from any one person listed as lead presenter.
  2. You may be listed as a panelist or secondary presenter on two other proposals. (Please note: Every attempt is made to avoid conflicts for lead presenters; however, if your name appears on accepted proposals that are scheduled at the same time, you will be required to select one session at which you will present.)
  3. No person may participate in more than four total sessions at any NAGC Convention (including special sessions and Keynotes). If your name appears on more than four accepted sessions, you will be asked to choose the four sessions in which you will participate.
  4. Presenters are encouraged to submit their best proposal rather than multiple proposals. The number of presenters listed on a proposal will not influence the rating of the proposal. The Program Committee reserves the right to reject proposals with considerable duplication of content.
  5. A proposal cannot be submitted to more than one strand in a year.
  6. Due to limited time and space, session presenters must not exceed a total of four people.

What are the criteria used for acceptance/rejection of submissions?

Each proposal should include (1) a short description (no more than 100 words) that will be included in the Convention Program if the session is accepted; (2) an expanded description that provides additional detail about the supporting research and goals of the presentation (no more than 250 words); and (3) learning outcomes stating and reflecting the skills or knowledge participants will receive from your session.

Your 100-word description should adequately describe your presentation for convention attendees. The combination of your 100-word and 250-word descriptions will be evaluated by the network reviewers and program committee for the following:

  • Significance of the ideas to be presented
  • Clarity and organization of the proposal
  • Soundness of concepts to be presented
  • Appropriateness of presentation style and content for audience and strand indicated
  • Innovativeness of the topic and/or the approach to the topic
  • Please note: Spelling and grammatical errors may also be taken into consideration when your proposal is reviewed. Carefully write and edit your submission using a word processing program before submitting.

When will I be notified whether my presentation has been accepted?

  • Proposals for the 2012 Convention will be reviewed by the NAGC Program Committee and NAGC Networks.
  • Acceptances and rejections will be emailed to ALL PRESENTERS on or about April 12th.  If you have not received notification by April 13, please call the NAGC National Office at (202) 785-4268 to inquire about the status of your presentation.

If I am accepted, what will I need to do next?

The email informing you of your acceptance will also provide you with the information you need to confirm that you will present at the date and time to which your presentation has been assigned (Please note: Your scheduled date and time may change. Please check the Speaker Management Site periodically for accurate information).  In addition, you will need to complete online forms verifying that you will present.  (The deadline for the return of this information will be noted in this email.) All presenters must register to attend the NAGC Convention no later than September 17. 2012.

How many people will be in my session?

Room capacities range anywhere from 50 to 200 participants and due to the varying room sizes, presenters must upload their handouts by October 19th. No handouts will be accepted after October 19th.

What audiovisual equipment does NAGC provide?

Each presentation room will be equipped with an LCD projector and screen. Any additional equipment is the responsibility of the presenter. A microphone will be provided only in rooms set for 100 or more participants.

What if I confirm my presentation and then find that I am unable to attend?

Persons selected as presenters should contact the NAGC office as soon as possible if they will not be able to attend the Convention. If you find out after the acceptance deadline that you are unable to attend, we ask that you work to secure a replacement presenter in order to keep the continuity of convention content.

Does NAGC provide compensation to presenters?

No.  Because of the large number of presenters at each convention, we were unable to provide compensation or complimentary registrations.  Presenters must register for the Convention by September 17th.

Who at NAGC can I speak with if I have questions?

That would be Derrick Johnson.