Bright, Talented, and Black

Author: Joy L. Davis, Ed. D.
Publisher: Great Potential Press, (paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-935067-02-3
Pages: 292

Being gifted and talented but also African American makes children double minorities, and the issues they face can be different from those faced by most other gifted children. This book provides helpful insights and guidelines for the parenting and education of Black gifted children. In addition to the challenges that are frequently experienced by many gifted children, such as underachievement and idealism, Black gifted children often must also deal with issues like discrimination and low expectations of them. Dr. Joy Davis offers practical information based on her personal experience as a parent and a gifted education professional. Several appendices in the back of the book provide useful resources for minority gifted students, as well as reading lists that will help empower these children and their parents. This book will help both African American parents and the educators who work with these bright, talented children.
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