Helping Gifted Children Soar: A Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers

Author: C. Strip
Publisher: Great Potential Press/2000
ISBN: 0910707413
Pages: 270

Audience:  Parents, Teachers, Counselors

Summary:  This user-friendly guidebook educates parents and teachers about important gifted issues such as working with schools, evaluating classroom programs, forming parent support groups, choosing appropriate curriculum, meeting social and emotional needs, surviving the ups and downs, and much more! The information and useful advice provided make this book an ideal resource regarding early childhood and elementary education both for those just starting out in the field of gifted as well as those who are already seasoned veterans.

**Also available in Spanish!**


Table of Contents:

  • Section I: An Introduction to Giftedness
    • Chapter 1: The World's Biggest, Highest, Longest Roller Coaster
    • Chapter 2: Is My Child Gifted - Or Just Smart
  • Section II: Your Gifted Child and the School
    • Chapter 3: Testing and Screening: How Schools Identify Giftedness
    • Chapter 4: Parents and Teachers: Understanding One Another
    • Chapter 5: Helping Gifted Children Learn
    • Chapter 6: The Classroom and Beyond: Learning Options for Gifted Children
    • Chapter 7: Making Choices: What's Best for Your Child?
    • Chapter 8: Learning Contracts: What They Are and What They Do
  • Section III: Parenting and Teaching Strategies that Work
    • Chapter 9: Building Trust, Building Relationships
    • Chapter 10: Accepting the Gifted Child
    • Chapter 11: Supporting Gifted Education
    • Chapter 12: Working Together for the Child's Sake
    • Chapter 13: Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 14: Parent to Parent - A Story of Hope


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