PCM Series, The Parallel Curriculum in the Classroom: Book 2

Author: Tomlinson, Kaplan, Purcell, Leppien, Burns, & Strickland
Publisher: Corwin Press/2006
ISBN: 0-4129-2528-2
Pages: Softcover, 378

The Parallel Curriculum in the Classroom, Book 2 reflects a variety of Parallel Curriculum Units spanning primary, elementazry, middle, and high school levels of instruction and the encompassing disciplines of social studies, science, art, math, and language arts. Across each unit, the authors present a framework of three essential components in an effective Parallel Curriculum Unit:
* The big picture of grade level, subject, goals, and standards
* The unpacking, or step-by-step explanation, of the unit
* The reasoning behind the unit design

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