Meet the Network Candidates - Election 2017

Congratulations to the new network leaders!

Computers & Technology, Chair-Elect

Christina M. Amspaugh

Graduate Research Assistant, University of Connecticut (click for more information)

My vision for the Computers & Technology Network is two-fold:

1. Continue providing just-in-time resources and support on new technologies and innovations

2. Expand our role as a meta-network, engaging with other networks around issues at the intersections of various contexts and interests.

I envision a network that provides educators with tools and strategies to use on a daily basis, while also tackling important cross-network issues such as media literacy, digital citizenship, ethical issues, and more. With experience as a technology coordinator, presenter, social media manager, and educator, I would welcome the opportunity to serve as chair-elect.

Conceptual Foundations, Chair-Elect

Todd Kettler

Assistant Professor, University of North Texas

I hold a position as assistant professor in Educational Psychology at the University of North Texas. My work in recent years has rigorously addressed conceptual issues in the field of gifted education including curriculum and programming for talent development, pedagogies of gifted education, and determining and measuring outcomes of significance in gifted education. A long-time member of Conceptual Foundations, I look forward to the opportunity to continue traditions of thought-provoking scholarship in the network. Specifically, I would like to see our community continue to explore the role of gifted education in the changing landscape of contemporary education.


Counseling & Guidance, Chair

Micah Bruce-Davis

Assistant Professor, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Early in my teaching career, NAGC connected me to a community where I learned theories and practices to support the development of the whole gifted child. This work led to me obtaining my Ph.D, and currently I direct children’s programs for the UL-Lafayette Center for Gifted Education, where I work with parents, teachers, and counselors to address the needs of gifted children. For the last two years, I have served as the program chair for the Counseling & Guidance Network. As network chair, I will endeavor to connect various stakeholders to support the social and emotional development of gifted children.


Counseling & Guidance, Chair-Elect

James C. Bishop

Executive Director, The Passionate Mind

I would like to be considered for chair-elect of the NAGC Counseling & Guidance Network. Since 2015, I’ve served as the communications lead of the Counseling and Guidance Network. As a professional counselor, I specialize in working with the gifted and also serve gifted youth as an AP Humanities teacher. I am co-founder of The Gifted Education Review and a doctoral candidate pursuing my Ph.D. in gifted and talented education.

As chair-elect, I’ll work to expand the membership of the network by broadening its appeal to teachers and parents and increasing its social media presence.

GLBTQ, Chair-Elect

Teresa R. Manzella

Senior Proposal Manager, Questar Assessments, Inc.

I am a co-founder and advocacy liaison for the GLBTQ Network. I was youth coordinator for Minnesota Mensa for 14 years and held board and advocacy positions with MCGT (NAGC Affiliate).  I presented at NAGC and other conferences on the topic of gifted-GLBTQ youth, and have written articles for NAGC and 2e: Twice Exceptional Newsletter

I hope to find ways to get our network’s members more involved. I see this network enhancing collaborations with others, further combining efforts and expertise. My education and history of service have prepared me to take on this role for NAGC, and I look forward to the opportunity.


Parent & Community, Chair

Janette Boazman

Associate Professor, University of Dallas

I am interested in serving as the chair for the Parent & Community Network. Along with membership in the P & C Network, I have been a member of the NAGC Parent Editorial Content and Advisory Board (PECAB) for 5 years. Serving as PECAB chair for the past two years has prepared me to be a leader for the P & C Network.  I believe parents are the primary educators of and essential advocates for their gifted children. Continuing the important current work of the P & C Network is essential to supporting parents of gifted learners.


Parent & Community, Chair-Elect

Michele M. Kane

Professor, Northeastern Illinois University

Parents and community members remain integral to the success of bringing the message of NAGC to a broader audience.  As part of the Parent & Community Network leadership team, I would work to build bridges between existing parent members and parent groups to understand clearly the needs of today’s parents. Providing connections to needed resources for parents along with advocacy tools is essential. Additionally, there would be a spotlight on new member recruitment. Finally, organizing the efforts of the network to assist with NAGC parent activities and supporting the work of Parenting for High Potential are means of meeting the network goals. 


Professional Development, Chair

Katie D. Lewis

Assistant Professor of Education, York College of Pennsylvania

Dr. Katie D. Lewis is an assistant professor at York College of Pennsylvania, formerly of Texas A&M International University. Dr. Lewis has 5 years of experience teaching in public schools where she served as grade chair, lead science teacher, gifted cluster teacher, and mentor to student teachers. She is an experienced committee leader, serving as chair for the TAGT Research Division. She has been actively involved in the NAGC Professional Development Network, serving as the communications chair and newsletter editor. As chair, she will continue to move forward with the network’s mission to provide high-quality PD resources for gifted teachers. 


Professional Development, Chair-Elect


Christine L. Weber


Associate Professor, University of North Florida

Currently, I served as interim chair-elect (appointed) and secretary (two terms) for the PD Network helping to prepare educators and other stakeholders, including parents, to effectively meet the needs of gifted and talented learners. As chair-elect, I promise to uphold the network’s mission and interests including co-editing an upcoming series of NAGC service co-publications on research-based practices for effective professional learning. I am dedicated to providing support to the membership in professional development through this initiative. Additionally, my NAGC co-publications with Cecelia Boswell and Wendy Behrens highlight effective training practices, using case studies emphasizing the NAGC programming standards and NAGC-CEC teacher preparation standards.


STEM, Chair-Elect

Debbie Dailey

Assistant Professor of Education, University of Central Arkansas

If elected chair-elect of the STEM network, I would like to continue the work done by the former chairs by providing conference attendees engaging STEM-focused sessions and network events. It is my desire to expand on STEM events by possibly adding a STEM Edcamp where colleagues could share their ideas and activities with each other. I want to encourage network members to collaboratively work together for possible practitioner-based publications. It is important that we as leaders in STEM and gifted education stay connected to classroom teachers and share our expertise to help them engage learners in STEM.