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Welcome to the Higher Education Community Page

We present resources that will be helpful to professionals working in higher education, including the new teacher preparation standards, Gifted Child Quarterly, links to the NAGC convention pages, the National Research Center and to the online bookstore, as well as to the results of the survey of coursework, degree programs, and services in higher education. NAGC welcomes your suggestions for additional links and information.

Directory of Course Offerings, Degree Programs, and Services 
Come and explore what higher education institutions have to offer in terms of course offerings, degree programs, and services. Perhaps you wish to explore other offerings in greater detail. NAGC has posted the entire survey results in an excel spreadsheet.

NCATE Teacher Preparation Standards in Gifted Education
The new standards, which are the foundation for the knowledge and skills in which teacher candidates demonstrate competency, as determined by the field of gifted education, will be used by college and university teacher preparation programs in gifted education and will be a model for district-based professional development programming.

Essential Publications 
The texts featured represent the "Best of the Best" that NAGC has to offer members of the Higher Education Community.

Gifted Child Quarterly 
NAGC's scholarly publication is edited by Drs. D. Betsy McCoach and Del Siegle at the University of Connecticut.  The GCQ page provides information about the range of issues published in the journal, and submission details.  If you are searching for the latest research, check the link  to the GCQ pages on the Sage Publications website, where all articles from, Gifted Child Quarterly are downloadable for a small fee, or free for NAGC members. You may search back issues for articles by subject, author, or article title. The archive goes back to the very first issue.

ERIC Archives
ERIC Digests are short reports crafted by various education experts designed to provide an overview of information on a given topic, plus references to items providing more detailed information. Explore the database today.

The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented
The work of The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented (NRC/GT) is guided by emerging research about the broadened conception of human potential and the need to develop "high-end learning" opportunities for all of America's students.

NAGC Networks
Fifteen(15) NAGC Networks (formerly called Divisions) exist to explore special issues and concerns related to the primary emphasis of that Network within the NAGC. Of interest to you may be the Research and Evaluation Network as well as the Conceptual Foundations Network.

Graduate Student Community 
NAGC is proud to offer a home for the future leaders in the field of Gifted Education.

At NAGC, we celebrate the fact that gifted children are unique individuals with varied need and we recognize that our members are unique individuals as well. That's why NAGC offers a range of membership options so that you can select what's right for you.