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The most effective educators recognize the truth in Sir Francis Bacon's oft-quoted statement, "Knowledge is power." However, students aren't the only ones who need to confront and construct knowledge on a regular basis, teachers must continue to learn and grow in their knowledge and expertise as well. That's why NAGC has collected and organized the resources and tools you need - just a mouse click away.

The Big Picture

If you're new to the field of gifted education or just want to review the basics then this is the place to start.

Hot Topics

Keeping your finger on the pulse of best practices in the field of gifted education or current events that are driving instruction across the country isn't always easy. Let us help by pulling together ideas and resources all in one convenient location. Our current hot topics include:

Content Connections

Whether you're looking for lesson plans, interesting websites, or recommendations for challenging advanced students in a particular academic discipline, this is a great place to start your classroom adventure.

ERIC Archives

Who's ERIC and how can he help you meet the needs of gifted students in your school and classroom? Explore these pages to find out.

Advocating for Gifted Programs

In today's lean budgetary climate, gifted programs are vanishing quickly from the educational landscape. These tools are specifically designed to help you strengthen support and awareness for gifted programs at the local level, where many tough decisions are made. 

NAGC Pre-K-Grade 12 Gifted Program Standards

How do your programs and services measure up to a national standard? Investigate these pages to learn more.

NCATE Gifted Education Graduate Program Standards

NAGC, working with the Council for Exceptional Children, has revised the standards used to accredit college and university teacher preparation programs in gifted education. The standards were developed after assembling a comprehensive research base.

Glossary of Gifted education

Every area of knowledge has its own unusual set of terms and phrases. Our glossary is designed to help you translate and build a stronger understanding of the frequently used vocabulary in gifted education.

A History of Gifted Education

This timeline of events and innovations is designed to help you learn more about the foundation on which today's gifted education pedagogy is built.

Connecting for High Potential

If you're looking for tips on working with parents and community members, you've come to the right place!

The Nicholas Green Awards

Find out how you can recognize an outstanding student for his or her achievements with NAGC's help.

Professional Achievement Certificate (PAC)

NAGC provides members with the opportunity to participate in an individualized, mentored professional development experience with organization leaders that culminates in a dissemination project and an official NAGC Professional Achievement Certificate.

PCM Support Materials

Looking for resources to expand professional development for you or your staff? We have book discussion questions, an informational overview, and powerpoint slides based on the NAGC service publication, The Parallel Curriculum: A Design to Develop High Potential and Challenge High-Ability Learners.