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December 2007

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Gifted program at D-158 school commended
A sentence about a sandy beach prompted dissections instead of daydreams for two-dozen students in Tricia Baltzersen's advanced reading and language arts class.
Northwest Herald
December 30, 2007

Rural schools scaling back, ending gifted programs
When the state reworked the formula for funding education in 2005, gifted education programs suffered, teachers said.
Southeast Missourian
December 30, 2007
Elmdale Teachers Develop Strategies To Help Achievement Of English-Language Learners
Time was when Elmdale Elementary School was considered the "elite" school in Springdale, all white non-Hispanic students, many of whom identified as gifted and talented.
December 29, 2007

Orcutt girl sails through SAT test
For Anna Schwab of Orcutt, doing extremely well on the SAT test is a family affair. The 13-year-old - who is home-schooled - recently received a perfect score on the new writing section of the SAT.
Lompoc Record
December 28, 2007

Gifted academy to open in S. Elgin High
Elgin Area School District U-46 school board members recently heard the scoop on the newest of the district's gifted high school academies.
Daily Herald
December 27, 2007

Creativity encouraged
Fayette's arts school nurtures talent
Herald Leader
December 27, 2007

Preschool helps prepare gifted students
When you think of "at-risk" students, you probably don't think of gifted children but a local educator says they too can face serious problems if not identified at a young age.
December 26, 2007

A mother's valuable lessons learned from gifted child
At the end of kindergarten, my son was recognized as being potentially gifted, and his teacher had him tested.
The Arizona Republic
December 24, 2007
Parents irked with gifted program
New changes limit admissions to top District 186 schools
The State Journal
December 23, 2007

Educators worry gifted students will be overlooked
Second-grader Drake Mills doesn't know about the politics behind his education.
Southeast Missourian 
December 23, 2007

Little geniuses need care too
Academically and mentally challenged children are not the only ones that need much more support than is being provided in India.
Times of India
December 16, 2007

Santa Rosa school leader takes team approach
Question: What has been your approach to doing this job?
Pensacola News
December 16, 2007

Head of class: Academically gifted juniors sought by GSSM
The South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics is accepting applications from rising high school juniors now through Feb. 1, 2008, for its two-year, residential high school program.
The Times and Democrat
December 15, 2007

The Elkhorn mystique
Growing number of GATE students strains LUSD resources
News-Sentinel Staff Writer 
December 14, 2007

District to retool program
Committee recommends ways to better serve phenoms
The Salt Lake Tribune
December 14, 2007

Teaching the gifted is her specialty
Charlotte Observer
December 14, 2007

Growth in ranks of gifted and talented program students poses challenge to educators
Diana Schaffer is afraid her gifted third-grader may not reach her potential if she continues to struggle to fit in with the rest of her class.
The Salt Lake Tribune
December 13, 2007

Seattle Schools: Ungifted education
We don't immediately recollect Seattle Public Schools bragging overly much about having the best programs around for gifted students.
Seattle Pi
December 12, 2007

Don't Mess with Success
When Dallas school officials led parents to believe that the district planned some revamping in its magnet schools, our ears perked up.
Dallas News
December 11, 2007

Handle with care: Child prodigies need special nurturing
Some children learn at a pace significantly beyond others their age. They are considered gifted or even, perhaps, prodigies, capable of mastering music, math, art or some other field before their elementary-school graduation.
Standard-Times Correspondent
December 11, 2007

$5M sought to teach classroom instructors how to help the gifted
For some students, school is boring, but not because they dislike academics, says Rebecca Haslam-Odoardi, Davis School District director of gifted and talented programs.
The Salt Lake Tribune
December 11, 2007

Focus on educating youngsters
Anna Castley dreamt of becoming a teacher as a child and was inspired by her teachers as she was growing up.
December 10, 2007

Policy puts limits on gifted son, father says
The Lakota School District's mission is for all students to achieve to their fullest potential, but one parent said the district's gifted policy is holding his son back.
Journal News
December 10, 2007

Chancellor Klein Grilled on Gifted Plans, Testing
A former student at P.S. 205 met with parents and educators on Monday evening at P.S. 204.
Brooklyn Eagle
December 9, 2007

Holding on, and helping academic achievement
A frank assessment of Seattle Public Schools' program for top students offers tough medicine, but swallowing it is necessary.
Seattle Times
December 8, 2007

NCLB needs small changes, not overhaul
The dual attacks on No Child Left Behind by Billie Stanton and Patrick McAndrew on Nov. 26 were not justified given what the act is trying to do.
Tucson Citizen
December 8, 2007

Baking takes the cake at Lead-Deadwood Elementary
When each student at Lead-Deadwood Elementary was asked to choose from nearly 20 different enrichment activities, the overwhelming majority picked ... baking.
Black Hills Pioneer
December 7, 2007

U46 plans gifted academy changes for '08
Elgin School District U46 officials have heeded advice to make over the district's gifted academies after an intense evaluation was conducted throughout the past year.
The Courier News
December 6, 2007

Schools get needed checkup
The Seattle School District has wisely checked itself into the hospital for tests.
Seattle Times
December 5, 2007

Parents sometimes need to intervene when gifted students are ignored
Like most parents, the most important thing to me is having happy, healthy, well-adjusted kids. Part of this equation is helping them to be independent and able to think for themselves.
December 5, 2007

Gifted test to be used to identify slow learners, too
A test school officials plan to give kindergartners to make gifted programs more accessible will also be used to assess academic ability, the Daily News has learned.
December 4th 2007

Ranking puts Pine View as nation's sixth-best
Sarasota's exclusive school for gifted students earned a top 10 spot in a new U.S. News & World Report ranking of the nation's high schools.
Herald Tribune
December 4, 2007

Gifted program favors whites, report says
Seattle Public Schools' gifted program is great at selecting well-prepared students who went to sophisticated preschools, an outside evaluator said Monday.
Seattle Times
December 4, 2007

New G&T Standards Divide Parents, Activists
The Gifted and Talented students entering New York City public schools next year will find themselves in a newly revised program, one defined by what the Department of Education calls clear standards of giftedness and equalized access for all students.
Columbia Standard
December 4, 2007

New program in county encourages gifted minority students
The eighth-grade honor student ends each meeting at the Urban League of Palm Beach County with his peers repeating after him: I am excellent. I am excellent. I am excellent.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
December 2, 2007

Gifted and struggling
Smartest students fight to get needs met in Napa schools
Napa ValleyRegister
December 2, 2007

Working to challenge the heads of the class
With meager budget, NVUSD seeks options for 'gifted and talented'
Napa ValleyRegister 
December 1, 2007