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The E. Paul Torrance Distinguished Lecture on Creativity

Featuring the Torrance Kids at Midlife

Saturday, November 10, 2007
Minneapolis Convention Center
          4:45pm E. Paul Torrance Lecture
          6:00pm Reunion and Reception

His innovative research in creativity is now legendary.
Ultimately, his work affected the lives of untold numbers of children,
many of whom were from disadvantaged backgrounds and
would have gone unnoticed.
Join us for the Torrance tributes.

The Lecture

Saturday November 10
4:45pm in the Convention Center Auditorium

From 1958-1965, the University of Minnesota was known as the "The Creativity Scene" - all embodied by one Ellis Paul Torrance. During these years, the legendary Torrance Test for Creative Thinking was piloted. Many of those in the longitudinal study are approaching their 50th year since they took their first test. The book, The Torrance Kids at Midlife, chronicles the lives of more than 100 of the subjects. Moderated by the author, Garnet Millar, you will meet four "kids". What reflections do these subjects have on having been identified with creative potential early on? How does creativity manifest itself after the school years? You'll come away with the key messages for creative living.
Open to all attendees.

The Reunion

Saturday November 10
6:00pm in the Convention Center Lounge A

Hosted by Scholastic Testing Service, this reunion differs from others because all of the experts in the field of gifted education will be on hand to visit among the "kids." We are extremely honored to be joined by Bee Bleedorn, lifelong student, supporter and friend of Dr. Torrance's, as well as teachers such as Rod Myers who taught under Torrance at University Elementary. Bonnie Cramond, director of the Torrance Center at the University of Georgia will also be on hand as will be the chair of the NAGC Diversity Committee, Donna Ford. Together, they will share how Paul's lifelong commitment broadened the conception of giftedness and helped identify and serve advanced minority students who would otherwise have been overlooked.
Ticketed event (see below).

The Underserved

Meet the scholars who are being trained to reach disadvantaged children.

Teacher training means the difference between failure and success at identifying giftedness in culturally, linguistically, and ethnically diverse populations. In lieu of IQ testing only, NAGC has taken a strong leadership role in training teachers in the use of multiple criteria to expand the reach of gifted education services. It has made a tremendous difference in the way practitioners in the field approach giftedness. Javits-Frasier teacher scholars will share how the training in this area has changed the way they look at the kids in their classroom. You will learn how Dr. Torrance's work helps identify underserved gifted populations today. The reunion is a ticketed even for Torrance Kids and donors to the scholarship.
To purchase your ticket to the Reunion, stop by NAGC Central booth #299.

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