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May 2006

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Student talks board into boosting gifted program
A high school junior accomplished what two administrators had as yet been unable to achieve.  After hearing the student speak, the Pottsgrove School Board voted unanimously last week to fund a full-time teacher for the high school’s gifted program. . .
The Mercury, PA
May 30, 2006

Some intellectually gifted children show their mental abilities long before they start going to school
Karen Bischoff's daughter Ana took her sweet time starting to talk.  As her second birthday approached, she still hadn't said "mama." Occasionally, she'd toss the word "ball" into her babyish babble, but that was about it. . .
Asbury Park Press, NJ
May 28, 2006

Educating gifted students
Criteria for gifted students are not set in stone. Not in Florida or anywhere else. Proponents of gifted programs grapple with this and likely will do so for a long time.  I once opposed gifted education, as did Pierre Tristam in a recent column. That is, until I did my homework. . .
Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL
May 27, 2006

Minority gifted kids left behind
Aysha Brown was surprised when she wound up in the gifted and talented program in kindergarten.  "I thought I was dumb," said Aysha, now 8, who's black and attends Passmore Elementary on the West Side. But now, she added, "I know that I'm smart."
The Express News, TX
May 27, 2006

Schools may get more aid for the gifted
Once a week, fifth-grader Dillon Polangco takes a 10- minute bus ride to another school so he can get special lessons with other gifted children.He entered the program more than a year ago with math skills six months ahead of his classmates. . .
The Arizona Republic, AZ
May 17, 2006

School trend: nurturing gifts
Testing programs to spot bright children are identifying more and more Greater Cincinnati students as "gifted." The rising numbers, however, have school districts such as Lakota, Princeton, Cincinnati, Mason and Kings scrambling to expand gifted programs. . . .
The Cincinnati Enquirer, OH
May 16, 2006

In Chesapeake, parents push for more challenges for gifted
The city shortchanges the needs of gifted students, one mother complained to School Board candidates at a recent election forum. "When your third-grader doesn't want to go to school because he's bored, what do you say?" Patty Lewis asked, choking back tears. . . .
The Virginian-Pilot, VA
May 15, 2006

Fayetteville : Princess walks with UA graduates
The more than 2, 400 students who graduated Saturday from the University of Arkansas must recognize they now live in a “global village,” said honorary degree recipient Jo Luck, president and CEO of Heifer International.
The Arkansas Democrat Gazette, AR
May 14, 2006

18-year-old to be youngest MBA grad at one Pa. university
Jessica Meeker is not your average MBA.She's a black-clad, punk rock fanatic whose hair has seen more colors than the average rainbow. And at 18, she will be the youngest student ever to receive an MBA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania . . .
Centre Daily, PA
May 12, 2006

Mosaic giving students a chance to show talent
A group of Kenton County students are ascending to the top, one tile at a time.Eighth-graders in the ASCENT Arts program, which recognizes students who are gifted in the arts, are putting the finishing touches on a mosaic that will hang in the front courtyard of Twenhofel Middle School. . . .
Community Press, OH
May 11, 2006

Prodigies face difficult transition in college
Students such as Lauren Lazarus come along only so often. Here's a girl bright enough to skip three grades and graduate, by the tender age of 14, as the valedictorian of her high school class. . . .
Kennebec Journal, ME
May 8, 2006

Bill asks for gifted-education funds
A measure to put more money into educating the brightest students sailed smoothly through the House and Senate Appropriations but now sits with other programs vying for space in next year's budget. . . .
The Arizona Republic, AZ
May 5, 2006

Spelling bee goes P-r-i-m-e t-i-m-e: Young spellers to compete in glare of network television
For the first time in its 79-year history, the National Spelling Bee will go prime time for next month's drama-filled finals. Thanks to recent movies, books and even a Broadway musical, young spellers are suddenly hot. . . .
May 3, 2006

Gifted children get noticed: Parent took initiative when boy was in first grade
Wearing camouflage pants and sporting a Band Aid on his chin from a playground fall earlier in the day, Danny Comito looks like any other fifth-grade student. . . .
The DesMoines Register, IA
May 1, 2006

What makes nation's top school the best?
In one the roughest neighborhoods in Dallas, sits a gem of a public high school.
Its students are among the best and the brightest in the nation. The teachers are dynamic, and the students are passionate about learning. . . . 
ABC News
May 1, 2006