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Thank you for your interest in using NAGC published materials.   Below you will find information on how to obtain permission to use materials from various NAGC publications.

1)  Gifted Child Quarterly (GCQ):  Permission to reprint an article from GCQ must come from SAGE Publishing.  Click here for details.

2)  Reprint form and information for non-commercial purposes for material from the following publications:

  • Mile Marker Series (CD-ROM)
  • Parenting for High Potential (Magazine)
  • Teaching for High Potential  (Newsletter)
  • Compass Points  (e-Newsletter)
  • Connecting for High Potential  (e-Newsletter insert)
  • NAGC Website

3)  If you are interested in obtaining permission to reprint an item from one of NAGC's books for any use or from any publication above for commercial purposes, please send us a written request, fax, or e-mail detailing:

  • The name of the chapter, article(s), or other item you are interested in reprinting, including as appropriate: book title and page number(s); specific article title, page number(s), and issue
  • Purpose/use of the reprinted material
  • Number of copies to be reprinted
  • If you are selling the piece, please give details and selling price
  • Contact information -- phone and e-mail -- so we can contact you if we have questions

If you are going to reprint an article or other item in order to sell it, or to make it a part of something you are going to sell, there may be a fee involved. NAGC will require a copy of the final product.

E-mail Requests To:

The NAGC national office and please allow up to three weeks for a response.

Mail requests to:

Attn: Permissions
1331 H St., NW
Suite 1001
Washington, DC 20005

Fax requests to: