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Cindy Sheets, Chair

Kristina Ayers Paul, Chair Elect

Brian Housand, Convention Program Chair

Dallas Price, Communications Coordinator


The Computers & Technology Network believes that computers and other types of information technology constitute an intrinsic and immensely powerful aspect of learning in our world today and that the appropriate use of such tools provides greatly enhanced control over information access for learners of all types. Therefore, it is the commitment of the Network to initiate, develop, and implement practices and materials that will promote the use of all types of information technology to improve the teaching and learning process. Specifically, the Network will undertake activities that will:

  • Promote the recognition and acceptance of, and the commitment to, information technology skills as a fundamental area of training for gifted and talented students
  • Promote research in areas relating to the use of information technologies in education
  • Provide practical strategies and activities to foster the use of information technologies in education

Current Network interests include:

  • Empirically sound Instructional Technology strategies to integrate into the gifted education classroom.
  • Promote the use of technology in educating the gifted.
  • Instructional Technology focused professional development for teachers of the gifted
  • Identifying appropriate Instructional Technology resources.

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We are looking for individuals who have practical strategies to share, research based practices to contribute, or want to learn more about utilizing technology as an instructional tool to join this Network. If you like what you've read and want to be a member of the Computers & Technology Network, we'd love to have you! You must be a member of NAGC before you can become a Network member, so click here to find out how.


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From the NAGC ERIC Digest Archives:

Full List of ERIC Documents


ISTE - The International Society for Technology in Education offers many great resources for teachers, including technology standards and K-12 lesson plans. 

ThinkQuest - Get your students involved in creating Web sites for this annual global competition.

Global School Net - Connect to other schools around the world to participate in collaborative learning projects.

Lissa Explains - Fun, kid-friendly guide to HTML coding. Recommended for elementary school beginners.

Tech Museum of Information -  Details about new exhibits and events for students available.

Tech Learning - For teachers who want to integrate technology into their classrooms. Also contains a grant database, but you need to register to view it.

Tech 4 Teachers - locate a variety of resources for teachers including tutorials

Livebinder - tap into a vast resource of teacher created "binders" including many content areas and resources. You can even create your own?

A place to buy computers for kids in lots of different shapes and colors.