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Gifted Education Works

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What the Research Says: Gifted Education Works 

Separate studies conducted during the last few decades have demonstrated both the need for and the benefits of gifted education programs. Of special interest are the documented benefits that occur for all children when gifted education strategies and programs are extended to other students, as well.  Simply stated…….Gifted Education Works!

Please click on a link below for more information on the research-based evidence supporting the distinctive method or methods listed below.

Gifted Education Strategies Work 
Gifted and talented students and those with high abilities need gifted education programs that will challenge them in regular classroom settings and enrichment and accelerated programs to enable them to make continuous progress in school.

Acceleration Works
Educational acceleration is one of the cornerstones of exemplary gifted education practices, with more research supporting this intervention than any other in the literature on gifted individuals. The practice of educational acceleration has long been used to match high level student general ability and specific talent with optimal learning opportunities.
New! Click Here for Guidelines for Developing an Academic Acceleration Policy 

Grouping Works
The practice of grouping, placing students with similar abilities and/or performance together for instruction, has been shown to positively impact student learning gains.  Grouping gifted children together allows for more appropriate, rapid, and advanced instruction, which matches the rapidly developing skills and capabilities of gifted students.

Curriculum Compacting Works 
This important instructional strategy condenses, modifies, or streamlines the regular curriculum to reduce repetition of previously mastered material.  “Compacting” what students already know allows time for acceleration or enrichment beyond the basic curriculum for students who would otherwise be simply practicing what they already know.

Advanced Placement Works 
Gifted and talented students thrive in an environment that values advanced content, rigor, and higher-order thinking.  AP is one well-know acceleration option for for high-ability students.

Pull-Out Programs and Specialized Classes Work 
Programming options for gifted and talented students occur in a variety of ways, and research demonstrates the effectiveness of pull-out and specialized classes and their curriculum in raising student achievement.

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