Legislative Action Network


Members of Congress need to hear from their consituents if they are to understand the importance of providing challenging education to high-ability students and how Congress can help. NAGC created the Legislative Action Network (LAN) to raise awareness about the needs of gifted children and influence federal policy decisions. 

I want to help, but how?

LAN members will hear from NAGC when specific action is required. Members are asked to contact their Members of Congress at key times when legislation related to gifted education is pending. NAGC makes it easy, by providing sample emails and letters to help you with your communications.

OK, I'm ready.

SIGN-UP!  Login in to your membership account (or, if you are not a member of NAGC, create a free account).  Once in "My Account," select "Edit/View Your Information," and then check the Legislative Action Network box to become part of the LAN . 

What else can I do?

Let others in your state know of this effort and encourage them to join the LAN as well. We've prepared a flyer that you can distribute at meetings or include as an email attachment to let others know about the need for grassroots support.