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There are many ways individuals and like-minded organizations can support the work that NAGC does in the field of gifted education. For more than five decades, the National Association for Gifted Children has represented “the village” that it takes to challenge, support, and nurture a gifted child. Your support for NAGC’s programs is not only appreciated;  it’s essential. With it, we help our high potential learners succeed.  What could be more important?


Through your membership, you'll open the door to many individuals who care about gifted children -- while at the same time you'll receive the benefits of membership that will keep you informed about the latest issues and events in gifted. Here's more information on NAGC membership.

Legislative Action Network (NAGC-LAN)

When you join the NAGC- LAN, you will help to advocate for gifted and talented children during these difficult economic times. Our goal is to achieve a high quality education for all gifted children, and increase federal resources on their behalf. To be successful, Members of Congress need to hear from you, their constituents, about these important issues. Learn more here. 

Financial Support - The Annual Fund 

Every gift is appreciated -- with help from friends like you we can do so much more!

NAGC represents “the village” that it takes to challenge, support, and nurture gifted children. Your financial support of NAGC programs is not only appreciated, but it is also essential to helping our high-potential learners to succeed. The Annual Fund offers individuals, corporations, and foundations an opportunity to support NAGC’s mission and to foster long-term relationships, create an atmosphere of collaboration, and allow us to reach even more students, parents, teachers, and administrators. See our 2014 donor honor roll.

Your tax-deductible donation enhances our ability to:

  • Counsel parents and direct them to resources
  • Provide teachers with information on the latest trends and strategies related to the classroom
  • Advocate with administrators for enhanced programming
  • Educate our policymakers on the importance of our issue and of increased funding

3 Easy Ways to Give

When you make your gift to NAGC, you have the option of choosing to give your support to where it is needed most (undesignated) or of specifying one of our special funding initiatives.

1. Donate Now Online. (You will be asked to sign in as a member or nonmember)

2. or mail your donation to:
1331 H Street, NW Suite 1001
Washington, DC 20005

3. or call 202/785-4268 

Note: NAGC also accepts anonymous donations through online giving programs such as Network for Good.