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For Parents (and more!): The NAGC Mile Marker Series

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Welcome to The NAGC Mile Marker SeriesTM  

Think of it as your GPS
for the world of gifted and talented education.
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Mile Markers are useful for…

  • Parents
  • GT Coordinators/ Specialists
  • Classroom Teachers
  • School Administrators
  • University Professors
  • School Psychologists/ Counselors/Therapists
  • Libraries
  • Gifted Centers
What is The NAGC Mile Marker Series?

You’ll find the resources you need in one, easily accessible, well-organized location. It is a CD-ROM containing hundreds of resources

  • Articles
  • Web Resources
  • Newsletters
  • Books
  • Toolkits
  • Bibliographies
  • and more!
 . . .  most of which are not available through any other source!

For many years, the National Association for Gifted Children has served as a resource for parents and caregivers seeking a wide range of advice.  These information seekers—hundreds each month) have needs all over the map—from the most basic question about giftedness in their young child to tips for effective advocacy in their state houses. 

So when a proactive group of NAGC parent volunteers came together to identify ways to better serve parents and caregivers, it was just a short leap to reach the concept of The Mile Marker Series. The contents are:

  • Carefully Selected
  • Well Organized
  • Searchable
  • Reproducible
  • Customizable

Whether your questions are basic: “how do I help my gifted child stay engaged at school?” To more complex: “How can I get state legislators to support gifted issues?”

Five Mile Markers represent different stages of nurturing gifted children. 

mile marker map











Mile Marker #1: Discovering Differences
Do you have questions about your child’s exceptional abilities and differences? This Mile Marker includes information about characteristics and identification of giftedness as well as dispels some common myths.

Mile Marker #2: Exploring the World of G/T
If you have a good understanding of the "basics" of giftedness and talent development, here is more targeted information about particular areas, such as social and emotional issues, keeping a child challenged, developing organizational skills, and ways to support high achievement at home and at school.

Mile Marker #3: Asking for Directions
If you are ready for expert advice about what to expect in a school – including down-to-earth discussions of different instructional methods, and the vocabulary used by educators - you'll find that here.

Mile Marker #4: Enlisting Support
You’re at this marker when need to reach out to others in exploring and explaining what might work best for your child. You’ll find suggestions for communicating clearly with your school as you become an effective advocate for your child.

Mile Marker #5: Making a Difference
Are you ready to build support for the education of gifted children in your community, state, and nation? Here you’ll find resources to help you organize a local parent group, as well as learn about other opportunities to build advocacy efforts.

Although the Mile Markers are numbered sequentially, feel free to begin at any Mile Marker that interests you. You’re the driver and can take whatever path best meets your needs.

And within each Mile Marker there are sections full of resources and links. Within each marker there are six approaches to finding information, which you can recognize by these icons. 


  1. Getting Your Bearings as you chart a course. This section includes some starting points for your journey.
  2. On Ramps to quick access to internet resources.
  3. Excursions and alternate routes to a destination. Regardless of your starting point, you’ll find that your initial choices will open doors and make connections that can lead you beyond your original destination.
  4. Avoiding Delays and bypassing gridlock. There will be times along the route when you encounter bumps in the road or confront opposition. The resources in this section provide assistance in finding your way forward.
  5. Refueling and re-energizing. Everyone benefits from learning how others have moved through times of frustration. The resources in this section were selected to provide encouragement, motivation, and hope.
  6. Extended Stays are places to explore in greater depth. This section suggests books and resources for developing a more comprehensive understanding.

The entire CD contains more than 350 resources – most unavailable through any other source.

Preview a list of the resources found in Mile Marker 1 

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