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All Gifted is Local

In the U.S., education decisions occur mainly at the state and local level.  Although certain programs (e.g., Title I schools, students with disabilities) are intertwined with federal policy, the vast majority of programs and services that students receive are determined by state laws and local policies and are funded through a combination of state and local funds.

For gifted learners, all program and service decisions are made at the state and local levels.  In the absence of federal minimum standards, there is wide variability between states, and in many cases, an even wider unevenness between districts in the same state.  For more information on gifted education in each of the states, order the 2012-2013 State of the States in Gifted Education report from the NAGC online bookstore and read State of the Nation, NAGC's summary of the report. Several states support statewide, public high schools for advanced students. 

MapPolicies and Statistics

NAGC has compiled key contacts and a sampling of statistics and policies to help you gather information about requirements in your state.  Go to our state page to learn more.  We also have a list of state definitions of gifted/giftedness. 

NEW National surveys of gifted education programs were conducted by the University of Virginia in conjunction with the National Research Center for the Gifted and Talented.  Go to the survey results and the executive summary.

Get Involved  

NAGC encourages all gifted education supporters to get involved with their state gifted education association.  The state groups are an excellent source for advocacy and networking.  Many offer resources for parents and teachers, including publications, workshops, and conferences.  

  • Go to state association websites for additional information
  • Read current legislative and advocacy initiatives in the states
  • Use these poems and drawings in your advocacy efforts

NAGC Supports State Affiliates 

NAGC is also pleased to support its state affiliates through several programs.  Click on the links below for additional information and application procedures: